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SIPD Uganda will build linkages with strategic partners, and involve and engage the services of a broad based resource bank of human rights, civil society, medical institutions, legal practitioners, government bodies, and religious organisations, to ultimately support intersex children and people and contribute to social attitude change towards diversity, difference, and non-conformity in regard to sex and gender development.

  SIPD advocates, mediates and provides services for intersex people


Many intersex people do not have access to appropriate information and may not be able to identify their condition with intersexuality. Given our past and ongoing work and clout nationally and regionally, SIPD is well positioned to effect education and awareness on these issues; and create an environment that challenges our static definitions of sex and gender, so that sex indeterminate and gender variant children and people can access their right to freely make their own decisions regarding their sex and gender determination and access appropriate health care and support at will.



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Our Strength

SIPD endeavours to harness its efforts in establishing interventions that are sustainable through existing national and regional structures. Best practices, experiences and lessons learned by one national region will be shared among the other national regions.

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‘We are all human beings’

‘We are all human beings’

“Intersex people are born with sex characteristics (including genitals, gonads and chromosome patterns) that do not fit typical binary notions...

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